Centre of Excellence for Fruits, Mulugu


  1. Production of high quality fruit crops planting material for distribution to farmers.

  2. Establishing intensive crop cultivation site by demonstrating the latest production technologies.

  3. To demonstrate production of high quality fruits & varieties aimed for both national and international markets year around.

  4. To make horticulture a profitable, diversified farm activity in increasing income of the farmers by achieving potential productivity through sustained and advanced technologies.

  5. To create awareness on new technologies through demonstrations on crops like Mango, Citrus, Guava and Pomegranate.

  6. Introduction of New Crops and Cultivars and suggesting varieties suitable to the local conditions which will help in extending fruiting period and niche in domestic and export market, along with solving some of the problems related to root stocks.


Centre of Excellence for Fruits, Mulugu

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Centre of Excellence for Fruits, Mulugu
Beside Sri Konda Laxman Horticuture University
Telangana 502249,
Phone: 8681040902,
Email: coem-horti[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in




Centre of Excellence for Fruits, Mulugu

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