CenTre of Excellence for Flowers & Vegetables


Year of establishment: 2015-16

  • Location : Jeedimetla, Medchal (erstwhile Rangareddy) Dist.,

  • Area : 10.35 acres


In the state of Telangana:-

a. vegetables are cultivated in an area of 1.71 Lakh Ha.
b. Production of 31.95 Lakh MTs and
c. Productivity of 18.68 MTs per Ha.,
which is very less as compared to the productivity levels in Tamilnadu which is about 30 MTs per Ha.

Existing Scenario:
a. Total Population: 3.52 Crores
b. Requirement of vegetables per head: 300 gm
c. Total Requirement of Vegetables: 38.54 LMTs
d. Present production of Vegetables: 31.95 LMTs
e. Gap in Vegetable production: 6.59 LMTs

  • In order to meet the gap of 6.95 LMTs of vegetables demand in the state, it has been planned to increase the productivity within available limited resources of suitable lands and water.
  • To achieve the said short-fall of vegetables there is the need to go for cultivation of vegetables under protected covers like Polyhouses, Net house and Walk-in tunnels to have enhancement in the productivity from the limited area.
  • There is a felt need to encourage protected cultivation of vegetables to achieve the maximum productivity levels to meet the demand supply situation and also to provide maximum returns to the farmers. Standardization of packages of practices of specific crops and developing low cost technology to encourage farmers to take up Poly- Houses even in limited area needed immediate attention.
  • To have capacity building and to demonstrate production enhancement activities the said CoE has been established.
  • Flower crops are cultivated in only 0.04 lakh ha in the state. With their vast potential in local and export markets flower cultivation is planned to be encouraged in the state.
  • Honorable Chief Minister has announced the scheme for construction of Green Houses in 1000 Acres. Facilities for demonstration of the proven technologies are not available in the State. Hence, to address the above issues a CoE for Vegetables & flowers was established in Jeedimetla village of Medchal (erstwhile Rangareddy) District.

It is the 1st of its kind in the Telangana state. The CoE is sanctioned by GoI during 2014-15.

The main focus of CoE:

  • Infrastructure development for demonstration and trainings to the farmers.
  • Standardization of technologies suitable to Telangana State.
  • Timely supply of quality vegetable seedlings for enhanced production.
  • To plan remunerative crop scheduling and promote multiple crops per season per unit area.

Protected Cultivation Infrastructure Created (26992 Sq.mts [6.75 acres]):

The infrastructure is created in two locations:
1. Jeedimetla and
2. Public Gardens
In view of the space constraint at Jeedimetla and also as Public Gardens is centrally located and is attached to the Telangana State Horticulture Training Institute.

Site A:  Jeedimetla (20104 Sq.Mts [5.03 acres]): Hi-tech Vegetable nursery ( 2000 Sq. Mts), Naturally Ventilated Poly houses ( 11088 Sq. Mts), Walk in tunnels ( 3000 Sq. mts), Poly net houses ( 2016 Sq. mts), Shade net house (2000 Sq.mts).

Site B: Public Gardens (6888 Sq.Mts [1.73 acres]) : Walk in tunnels (1000 Sq. mts), Poly net houses ( 5888 Sq. mts).

  • Site A: Plug type nursery is under operation and a total of 55 lakh seedlings of vegetables / spice crops will be produced per annum to cover 600 acres per annum
  • Civil works (Administrative building including pack house, cold storage, drainage system, internal roads and fencing) entrusted to Engineering wing of Agriculture Marketing Department with an estimated cost of Rs.527.40 lakhs.

Technology adopted Indigenous / improved technology with the support of CoE, Gharaunda, Haryana and State Horticulture University, Telangana.

Cost as per Project Implementation:

MIDH Share Rs.782.00 Lakhs
State Share ( Mandatory 15% of Rs.920.00 lakhs) Rs.138.00 Lakhs
Project  approval by GoI Rs.920.00 Lakhs
Additional State funding Rs.297.00 lakhs
Assistance from other sources Rs.  22.68 lakhs
Total outlay  Rs.1239.68 lakhs

Crop taken up:

Vegetables Tomato, Capsicum, Cucumber,  Leafy Vegetables, Lettuce,   Broccoli,  Cherry Tomato
Flowers Orchids, Gerbera, Rose, Carnation, Lillium,    Chrysanthemum 
Filler material Gypsophylla 

Strategies formulated for making COEs self-sustaining:

1)   Sale of Pluglings of vegetables produced at the Hi-tech green house.

2)   Sale of produce i.e., vegetables and flowers produced in the CoE.

3)   Raising of ornamental plants in the available open space and central media and their utilization as mother plants for multiplication and sale.

4)   Conducting In- house training programs for farmers, students and officials from other parts of the country on payment basis.

5)   Developing the project as a Horti - tourism hub by incorporating suitable landscape architecture.

6)   A business plan has been prepared for CoE, Jeedimetla with the co-ordination of NABCONS Pvt. Ltd. which will act as Management Tool. So that the same can be referred regularly to ensure the business is on course with meeting goals, marketing targets and operational mile stone and finally to become self-sustaining unit.


Area Particulars of CoE, Jeedimetla, Medchal

Site:A (Jeedimetla)

S.No. Types of Structure Size in Sqmtr Nos. Area in acres Area in Sqmtr Existing Crops
1 Naturally Ventilated Polyhouse 2016 3 6048 1.51 Gerbera, Orchid, Cucumber
2 Naturally Ventilated Polyhouse 1008 5 5040 1.26 Gerbera, Carnation, Rose, Orchid
3 Walk-in Tannel 500 6 3000 0.75 Gysophilla, Strawberry, Brinjal, Tomato, Cabbage
4 Hi-Tech Polyhouse 2000 1 2000 0.5 Vegetable Seedling Production
5 Shadenet House 2000 1 2000 0.5 Cucumber just Harvested
6 Poly-net House 2016 1 2016 0.5 Preparation for Cucumber
  Total   17 20104 5.03  

Site:B (Public Gardens)

S.No. Types of Structure Size in Sqmtr Nos. Area in Sqmtr Area in Sqmtr Proposed/ Existing Crops
1 Walk-in Tunnel 396 1 396 0.1 Preparation for Brinjal
2 Walk-in Tunnel 604 1 604 0.15 Preparation for Brinjal
3 Poly-net House 1920 1 1920 0.48 Capsicum
4 Poly-net House 1280 1 1280 0.32 Cucumber
5 Poly-net House 1344 2 2688 0.67 Roses, Tomato
  Total   6 6888 1.72  

Hi-Tech Nursery with Plug Production Unit

  •   Annual Target: 55 Lakhs Seedlings

  •  So far produced: 1.50 Crores (2000 acres)

Mechanized seeding unit with Hi-Tech Nursery has been established at CoE, Jeedimetla so that better quality vegetable seedlings can be produced by reducing Manpower and improving efficiency. Advantages are as follows:-

1)    Better establishment of crops in main field

2)    Less mortality after transplantation

3)    Healthy and disease free seedlings

4)    Seedlings are grown scientifically under hygiene conditions

5)    Savings in quantity of seed used and time.